Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Attention #HCSM Meeting Planners. Would You Like Me to Speak At Your Event?

The only thing better than blogging is having the chance to tell one's stories in person.  While I have been asked to speak at a number of events over the years, I have developed a new talk that I am especially itching to give to a live audience.  I expect it will have all the emotion and impact of the DotMed 2013 appearance below.

Topic/Running Title: The Medical Narrative, A Tie That Binds Doctors and Patients
Style: TED style, no visuals, no notes
Content: Narrative heavy, didactic light
Running Time: 15-20 minutes

Will accept multiple offers, but will give video rights only to one.
Need a few months in advance to arrange my schedule.
Expenses and stipend to be negotiated.

Please respond by email: grumetjordan(at)


jimbo26 said...

Thank you .

Chukwuemeka G. said...

Thank you sir.